Meet Your Coach


Michael Montague is a “Next Level” coach who works with business owners to allow them to reach high productivity excellence. With Michael’s transformational guidance, business owners are empowered to remove distractions and move forward with sustainable motivation, clarity of purpose and increased productivity on their journey towards success.

Michael believes that everyone has the capacity to achieve their biggest dream, and his purpose in life is to support and guide you through the transitions and transfromations in your life.

Once overwhelmed himself with too much information (also known as "Shiny Object Syndrome"), Michael stepped back and “uncaged” his personal story and discovered a formula that allowed him to redefine his own purpose and realize his biggest dream of becoming a successful coach.

Michael is a certified Virtual Coach, author and inspirational speaker whose is recognized for his ability to offer unique perspectives while guiding people towards a more fulfilling future.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is certified through Eben Pagan’s Virtual Coaching Program.

Outside of the passion of coaching, Michael loves writing, photography and the contemplation of the unfolding cosmic battle between dark matter and dark energy (You know, the BIG picture!)

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